React Native Development

Make Android and iOS applications using React Native.

The finest of JavaScript's React toolkit for creating user interfaces is brought together in React Native.

Today, you can include React Native in your ongoing Android and iOS projects or use it to build a whole new app.

Because of the way React primitives render to native platform UI, your app may make use of the same native platform APIs as other applications.

Despite there being a plethora of different platforms, there is only one version of React. In order to make code reuse possible across platforms from a single codebase, it is necessary to create platform-specific versions of components. When using React Native, a single team may develop for and support both Android and iOS using the same codebase.

The bridge notion is at the core of React Native's versatility, allowing asynchronous communication between JavaScript and Native components. Native and JavaScript components are fundamentally separate technologies, but they are able to interact.

This style of design has the advantage of employing a number of OS-native capabilities.

Why build on ReactNative:

Faster development and code reuse, React Native's biggest advantage is multiplatform development. Using the same code base for several platforms has numerous advantages, including quicker app development and time-to-market, simpler and cheaper maintenance, and a better onboarding process for new developers.


React Native's "bridge" approach is groundbreaking in cross-platform programming. React Native applications are faster than web-based cross-platform solutions since they use native code.

Several major firms use React Native or have transitioned, like Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Walmart, Shopify, etc.

There are no industry-specific impediments to implementing React Native; it all depends on your app's core features and competitive advantages.

There are no industry-specific impediments to implementing React Native; it all depends on your app's core features and competitive advantages.

React Native is a great option for all consumer-facing apps because it works well and is easier and cheaper to build than two native apps for the same service or product. Most consumer-facing applications don't use complicated animations and UIs, making React Native an excellent choice.

Why choose bTranz?:

  • You must quickly reach numerous platforms.
  • Your app concept is consumer-facing and simple (or e.g., an MVP).
  • Your competitive advantage isn't OS-specific animations (background video player, utility features).
  • React Native provides various benefits for most organizations out there. Besides speed and cost, it involves fewer UI tradeoffs than other cross-platform solutions.
  • Case studies from both large and small businesses and near-native performance show that it meets all the needs of users and businesses, and we can help you meet them.

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