OBIEE Services

OBIEE Services

Oracle Corporation made a BI tool called OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) to collect, store, and analyze data for enterprise reports, dashboards, scorecards, and ad hoc analysis. OBIEE uses a multiple-server architecture that is powered by Siebel Analytics to separate how data is accessed and how it is shown for analysis.

Oracle OBlEE also has a set of online tools for reporting and analyzing data, such as tables, graphs, pivot tables, and so on, that are based on dashboards. OBIEE is a powerful business intelligence tool that also does a great job of making its users' lives easier.

This application is used in many large-scale institutions and enterprises like Stanford university.

OBIEE has the following features:

  • Complete WEB interface implementation; interactive boards
  • Level-based hierarchy and ragged hierarchy are both supported.
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Office
  • OBIEE enables users to build new reports from the start.
  • Microsoft Office Compatibility and Multilingual Support
  • The tool provides an event-driven, business-critical real-time alerting system.

Why should you use OBIEE:

  • Real-time updates of data in third-party applications, such as Microsoft's
  • It lets you make new deductions or change old ones without needing help with IT.
  • Analytical monitoring is simplified when maps and spatial representations are used.
  • Users may use this analytical tool to view and evaluate data.
  • Provides metrics for evaluating the current status of the data.
  • Identifies significant current signs of changes in the market trends, etc.
  • This BI tool doesn't need technical expertise.
  • Allows for In-Depth Personalization
  • Data can be used to make reports in more than one language.
  • Report development from scratch
  • Data integration from major resources

Why bTranz:

  • OBIEE and OBIA full stack deployment
  • Data Warehouses developed from scratch using Informatica or ODI tools
  • Personalization and setup for each and every one of OBIA's Modules
  • Plans for Extract, Transform, and Load
  • Intricate BI Publisher reports in several forms
  • Switching from an on-premises to an off-premises infrastructure (also known as "lift and shift")
  • Migration from OBIEE to OAC using a "lift and shift"
  • Pre-configured, ready-to-go solutions for rapid time-to-value
  • Project Management
  • Preliminary models
  • Training
  • OBIEE and OBIA Management Services

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