Oracle's ERP Fusion Cloud

Oracle's ERP Fusion Cloud:

Oracle Cloud ERP, have changed the way ERP solutions are put into place and by moving ERP to the cloud, companies may be able to cut down on their technical needs and get a better return on their investment.

We at bTranz assists companies switch from their current enterprise performance management platform to Oracle's cloud-based ERP solution without taking any risks.

And if you're looking for a team that can install or upgrade Oracle applications to suit your company's needs quickly and profitably, look no further.

The Modules- we streamline, automate, and improve:

  • Financial Management:

  • Financial applications that support the complete financial close process from sub-ledger and general ledger close to group financial consolidation, certification, and regulatory filing.

  • Human Capital Management:

  • A solution that connects every human resource process, starting from hiring to Retiring.

  • Supply Chain Management:

  • Connects your supply network with an integrated suite of cloud business applications.

  • Project Portfolio Management:

  • Provides access to information and collaborates between team members, thereby enabling efficient and effective project management.

  • Procurement:

  • A good source-to-pay solution helps you to streamline, automate, and improve your result in the procurement process .

  • Integration Cloud:

  • With oracle integration, you can accomplish many tasks in one place.

  • OTBI-BI Publisher:

  • OTIB helps to gain real-time insight into transactional data by providing a flexible and easy-to-use analysis tool.

Our Oracle Fusion Services Include:


In today’s world of fast-moving implementations, take the complexity out of the conversion of your fixed assets. There’s no need for development or expensive tool sets. Oracle Cloud ERP comes with easy-to-use Excel-based tools to upload your assets. We at bTranz provide implementation services to scale up and meet your specific needs, whether it may be a simple add-on module, an e-commerce project, or a global deployment.

Managed Services:

Our Oracle Applications Managed Services Model guarantees huge savings with integrated tools and techniques that leverage Oracle ERP, Infrastructure, and Application Support & Testing. In a nutshell, Aspire Systems optimizes the ROI of your Oracle Managed Services with an unprecedented level of efficiency. We bring together an industrialized, globally integrated approach with analytical capabilities and leading automation to help companies strategically manage their application.


bTranz upgrade service offerings have a proven methodology and deep understanding of Fusion Applications, we have a proven track record of successful upgrade implementations; we develop a flexible and scalable process for the upgrade lifecycle of projects with varied sizes that would involve both our functional & technical experts.


Oracle Integration is a fully managed service that can allow you to integrate your applications, automate the processes, gain insights into your business processes, and create visual applications. It can help you connect your on-premise applications, with the cloud (integration cloud service) and help in designing, monitoring, and managing connections between your applications. Many companies have missed deadlines or abandoned Cloud due to the inability to address unique requirements relevant to the business. bTranz-powered Oracle PaaS solutions will consider problem statements unique to your industry and business.


Oracle Fusion delivers various reporting tools which can help you to be on the same platform. bTranz can assist you to bring data from multiple data sources into a single output document and the reports can be delivered via printer, e-mail, fax, WebDAV, or publish the report to a portal.

Custom extensions using Paas:

Applications require extensions and a bit of customization to fulfill the unique needs faced by businesses. We provide a Platform as a service that allows e next generation of applications a obtain a secure and cost-effective way in the cloud.

Why choose bTranz for your Oracle ERP Cloud Solution?

We have an Approach that has been well thought out and planned

We analyse your current IT and business plans to determine the best way to implement this cutting-edge software package.

Reduced time to market and increase return on investment

Using the best practices to map the necessary configurations our team of highly trained and experienced Oracle certified consultants helps in defining integration points, removing redundant systems, mapping, cleaning, and migrating data to the cloud and more.

We apply methods with minimal financial and logical risks

bTranz provides Oracle Cloud solutions to help you get the necessary resources quickly, cheaply, and with no risk.

You Always Get the Best Guidance

We Code Build Solve Customize Enhance

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