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Customize Your Content Management System

Modern websites made from Kentico are simple to create, offering total control over the visual style and full access to the underlying code. Create beautiful websites and utilize the same content for your mobile application, email marketing, and other platforms. By using Kentico, you can be sure that your material is reliable and competent at all times.

In addition to content management, Kentico CMS provides a comprehensive Customer Experience Management platform with a number of other modules that assist you in creating Enterprise 2.0 Intranets, customer communities, managing email campaigns, and creating online forms.

On the Kentico platform, bTranz Solutions offers fully approved content management solutions. Our dedicated crew works hard to provide CMS solutions to different businesses.

Our Services

Kentico 12 Consultants

Based on years of experience, we at bTranz offer skilled Kentico Consulting Services. bTranz solutions has a track record of success when it comes to developing cutting-edge Kentico apps.

Development Services

End-to-end application design methods are a part of our Kentico Development Services, which help organizations set up more organized and collaborative places to work.

Kentico 12 Integration

bTranz offers services for integrating Kentico with other data sources and applications. They focus on using custom modules to connect Kentico to other data sources and applications.


You may easily integrate Kentico into your existing systems with the aid of bTranz's smooth Kentico implementation services.

Migration And Upgrades

Excellent services for Kentico migration and upgrades are provided. We can help you make a simple plan for moving from any other CMS to Kentico.

Ecommerce Solutions

Best-in-class Kentico ecommerce solutions are available from bTranz solutions. You can add more ways to sell online with Kentico CMS's e-commerce feature.

Maintenance Services

We offer maintenance services for Kentico that are meant to cut down on response times by fixing both urgent and less urgent support issues within a few hours.

Certified Developers and Consultants under Kentico 12

Our Kentico-certified developers and consultants help international clients with Kentico installations by giving advice, developing, implementing, migrating, and providing support services.

Why Choose bTranz Solutions:

  • Ensure the reliability of your Kentico initiatives by staffing them with competent individuals.
  • Achieve project deadlines via resource mobilization while preserving quality.
  • Collect project needs and conduct a life-cycle feasibility analysis.
  • Construct groups for better dialogue and to identify client needs.
  • Build the Kentico app in accordance with the project plan and SLAs.
  • Costs and timeframes for developing the whole Kentico site are estimated.
  • The best way to prevent problems is to conduct frequent evaluations with the customers and stakeholders.
  • Support for fixing defects after they've been implemented, as well as final approval of projects built using the Kentico platform, is included in the service.

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