QA Testing

Here at bTranz Solutions, quality assurance ranks quite high. All software and online services, whether they run on a mobile device or a desktop computer, must undergo extensive quality assurance testing. As a complement to our rich background in development, we also provide QA automation testing services. Therefore, our customers enjoy a completely functioning and bug-free service. In every project, we use rigorous testing procedures to ensure that we meet our strict commitment to quality.

The process of QA Automation at bTranz:

Grasping the concept of planning and application

Before beginning testing, we make sure we have a firm grasp of the application by reading the requirements document/reference document and noting the various testing approaches, priorities, and areas of concentration.

Methodology development for testing

We establish code standards, a script review procedure, and deployment procedures, as well as determine and execute different test methodologies and framework components, libraries, and utilities.

The process of locating, creating, and running test scripts

Through a series of scenarios categorized by test case type or functional area to be automated, we establish the extent to which automation will be used in the application. Later, our quality assurance team runs automation scripts.

Finding and reporting problems

Automated test results are validated, mistakes are investigated, and defects are recorded in a defect tracking system once the script has been executed.

Controlling and bettering processes

Metrics including release time, automated testing time, faults identified, customer satisfaction index, and improved productivity are being measured.

What are the Benefits of Using Automation in Testing?

To ensure quality, automation testing must be performed. It applies to any system, whether it's a mobile phone, a laptop, or a desktop computer, since regular testing is necessary for optimizing productivity.

Effort and Money Saved

Having a regular automated procedure in place may save the time and money spent on test analysis.

Confirm High Standards

Don't let quality slip with a flawed QA procedure.

Practicality in Use and Efficiency in Performance

Benefit from more resources by enhancing your collection of multiple tests.

Enhanced Protection

Make use of expanded test coverage in conjunction with short test cycles.

You Always Get the Best Guidance

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